martes, 14 de junio de 2011

LightEyes Comission

Not finished yet, but kinda blocked in how to finish... so I'll let it like this till I know how to continue <.<!

I want to add more highlights...

domingo, 5 de junio de 2011

Still trying this out... It's not clean at all... but I like the way it ended. I know that if I worked a bit more on the colored version and detailed it could have ended better... but lazy!

sábado, 4 de junio de 2011

Ponyo !

 Today, the page where I use to check animes and stuff uploaded the Ponyo movie. I felt like watching it and just after doing it, I automatically wanted to draw her.

She's so damn cute, and the animation of her expresions is so awesome that I wanted to give it a try.





I went to dinner with my family, and I use to bring my laptop almost allways with me...
The flower on her head is one of the flowers that were decorating our table... And the shape of her face it's my mom's shape!!!! Sounds strange, doesn't it?

Speedpainted, took me like 15 mins aprox...

I'm trying to find my own way of working and my own style. Trying to leave a bit the manga/animeish. 
This summer I'm woing to work hard defining my style, and studying some anatomy, also work on my color. 

This is a fast sketch I started, ended being Miss Fortune from League of legends. Here it have 20 mins.
Everything is in one layer.

Then I tried to color it and rush it a bit more trying to get a full or something similar to a finnished image, but I kinda got lazy, and... Just... Giving up.
Added the colors on another layer with multiply, then merged and worked on it. 
Did 1 gun on another layer, duplicated and merged down again, and tried to keep adding stuff just in one layer.

So, that's it !

Itadakimasu !