martes, 16 de agosto de 2011


 There you have a kind of a "try". I used a doll reference.

Still experimenting...

 Lineart aka sketch (clean one)

Main shadows.


More details.

Added the main colors on a Overlay layer and Multiply.. Depending e.e!

Final one. After adding the color layers, I did the details over everything... (And yeah, I cropped the canvas like 3 - 4 times. Got kinda lazy... And since I'm just exploring, didn't rly care about the finish image).
I wanted to add more details and details, but I thought that was not the moment. I hope you guys can see a good work soon, but for now, my time is limited.

-Speedpainted. 48 mins of work. Since I started sketching till that point.

It has no title. O3o

And a rotate version of the finished one... So you can see the face better. Sometimes is hard to see details if the people is not right!