domingo, 31 de julio de 2011

Little dump

Chibi dump of the last request and LoL project. 
Aisha and Raven, as comission.
Vladimir and Lux, as the next 2 for the LoL project (Check it out here)

I've been trying a new "painting stylish" look, while working on this... At the same time, drawing one of my "OC's", for call her as something.

Well, this is just a "remember". Mom was cleaning out old stuff, and found draws from when I was 5 years old, and started showing me. I got kinda melancholy, and I looked for my old draws, from when I was like from 12 till today. Not comparing the improvement at all, I just got impressed by the designs I used to do when I was little. I used to be more creative with clothes, colors, and characters... Also, I used to create a lot of characters, not just draw random girls or boys, with random scars, or random sword, trying to make it look "good". I allways was creating an story, or a background for everything I was drawing, and then, all my draws got a lot of feelings on it. Everytime I was taking a look at a little sketch, I was seeing more than just a character, I was remembering almost all her story, and all the details about her.

I want to get that back for my draws again.
That feeling,
That details,
That colors,
That life.

My draws look better now, but I can probly say, that the 80% of them have no feelings on it, or a 2% of my real thoughts.

Trying a more realistic look, but still painting... <.< ! What a fail.

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